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  • I respect all musical styles and approach everything with an open mind and heart.
  • I do my best to avoid cliches and refuse to become a guitar hero.
  • I listen to my heart first, and music business and peers second.
  • I expect that I will not meet everyones expectations. If you are into my music you should rather approach it with curiosity than with expectations.
  • I strongly believe that music is a way of creating inner peace. Let it build bridges to others, and let it heal what needs to be healed inside of you.
Right here, right now
I am right here and right now. So is my music. As an independent artist I´m free to compose and publish my music at my own pace. I´m also free to adopt or form any style of music as I wish. It may look like I don´t have clear goal, but on the contrary my goal is to further explore new styles and continue to develop my own style. I will continue to compose and publish my own music, and it´s not an easy task to guess what style my next album will be. Where others see it difficult to put a label on my music, I only see artistic freedom. It might prevent a more solid music career, but that´s how I want it to be.
I truly believe that my approach to my music makes it possible for all other elements fit in my life, such as having a regular day job and a family. Collaborations, projects and bands? If my heart tells me it´s right, then it is. It will probably be easier to get my attention with an interesting idea, rather than promises of stardom and fortune.

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